What services do you offer?

Which DeFi Services will be available at Spherium?
Overlooking the currently fragmented stage of DeFi industry as a whole, where its struggle for projects to move their liquidity in a multi chain system, due to exorbitant fee structures, and at the same time for end users as well, to switch between different protocols to experience the best of all blockchains takes out of the whole decentralised structure analogy.
To bring together everything that DeFi stands for, Spherium will comprise of a suite of Hyper applications namely:
HyperBridge: An interoperable multi-chain bridge that allows tokens to be quickly bridged between EVM and Non-EVM compatible blockchains.HyperBridge
HyperSwap: A cross-chain asset swap that is decentralised and based on an automated market-making mechanism.
HyperLend: A decentralised money market where investors can lend or borrow digital assets at interest rates determined by supply and demand.
HyperWallet: A secure and decentralised wallet for Spherium products and services. Spherium offers a unified platform for multi-asset, cross-chain swaps, crypto financing, and cross-chain operability.