What is $SPHIRI's utility?

What utility does the native token $SPHRI hold?

The whole Spherium ecosystem is governed by its native token $SPHRI, which holds the most significant value attached to performing any action across the applications present. While interacting with Spherium DApps, $SPHRI holds the most feasibility as compared to any other digital asset. Lower fees, early opportunities and an impact to shape and re-shape the future prospects of how Spherium grows intrinsically. $SPHRI, being the only token of the entire system, will also work in such a way that it grants rewards, giveaways, airdrops, whitelist entries and perks to the HOLDERS.

$SPHRI will also act as the key asset to participate in the governance based on-chain and off-chain decisions.

$SPHRI being a hard-cap token maxed at 100M and also having a deflationary token mechanism will continuously create more utility holders.

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