How can projects utilize Spherium?

How can Projects utilize Spherium's Cross Chain Incubation Program?

Unlike most of the protocols which are focused either entirely on customer centric approach, Spherium is empowering the entire digital assets economy, by taking enterprising projects on an enriching onboarding journey, expanding into a multi-chain future. Through HyperLaunch, A Cross Chain Incubation & Grant Program, projects can use the multi suite applications to add cross-chain functionality onto their systems.

HyperLaunch's first cohort will consist of 50 projects who will share a host of benefits:

  • Technical Support for cross-chain integration

  • Free Access to HyperBridge to move liquidity across multi EVM & Non EVM compatible chains

  • Access to cross-chain DeFi solutions such as DEX, Staking, Dual Farming, Lending and more

  • Revenue rebate for a specific period of time from user participation

  • A groundbreaking project will also win a reasonable grant from Team Spherium

There exists a prerequisite for projects to apply for the Incubation & Grant Program. Head over to the HyperLaunch page and fill the form to get in touch with the team.

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